skyla Solution

Veterinary Biochemistry Immunoassay Analyzer




Total Solution for Veterinarian

skyla Solution – combine with all immunoassay and chemistry methodology
in one device to offer the best efficiency, accessibility and accuracy of
veterinary clinical blood test.

3 Specimens Test at One Time

- One Immunoassay + Two Chemistry
- Three Chemistry

All Methodology in One Device

- Turbidimetry
- Colorimetry

skyla Data Manager PC Software supported

skyla provides self-developed software for users to conveniently manage patients' test results in PC.

Fully Automated Operations

All steps are designed automatically from checking the validity of cartridge to printing the results.

Intelligent Interference Eliminating (iiE) System

Use multiple wavelengths LEDs and big data to eliminate the effect of sample lipemia (LIP), hemolysis (HEM) and Icterus (ICT) interference and provide the high accuracy results.

Walk Away Operation

The device provides iconic graphic user interface.
More straight forward, simple and easy to operate for non-professionals.

Step 1

Enter Patient's Information.

Step 2

Have Reagent Disc Ready.

Step 3

Start Analyzing.

Step 4

Read the results.


Wide Range Working Environment

Can be used in a wide operating temperature range from 5ºC to 35ºC. This wide range makes it suitable for many testing environments.

Test Operation Instruction