skyla Hi

Leading the change in advancing healthcare

                            The use of skyla Hi in the management of diabetes enables better access to testing and rapid clinical decision making, discussion,and implementation of optimized treatment.





​Support Test Item:




Lipid Panel
(Total cholesterol/ High-density lipoprotein/ Triglycerides/ Glucouse)

Renal Panel*        

Liver Panel*         


    * Refer to under development




Easy Operation of HbA1c Test

The device provides fully automatic procedures to test samples with only three steps :


Support HbA1c panel, Lipid panel* and CRP panel*      
(*Under Development)


 0.8µl Micro Sample Size for HbA1c Test

The test only needs 0.8µl of fingertips or venous blood.

Allowable Two Specimens per Run

The device allows two specimens be tested in one run.

5 min. Rapid Test

The testing time of Hi Analyzer takes only about 5 minutes.

Support eAG Result

Supporting eAG result helps users better understanding A1C value.

Fully Automated Operations

All steps are designed automatically from checking the validity of cartridge to printing the results.

Support Multiple Devices

Hi Analyzer comes with optional accessory, such as thermal printer and barcode scanner.


User Friendly Design

Simplified and user friendly design with 5 inch full color LCD touch screen display.