Q1 : Can the skyla VB1 reagent discs be used again after one test ?

No, the skyla VB1 reagent tray is for single use.

Q2 : How long can the skyla VB1 reagent discs be kept ?

The skyla VB1 reagent discs can be stored for up to 14 months at 2 - 8°C.

Q3 : Can the skyla VB1 expired reagent discs be used ?

No, the result of the test will be unreliable.

Q4 : Can the skyla VB1 reagent discs be frozen and then used later ?

It’s not recommended to keep the discs at freezing temperatures.

Q5 : What types of samples can be used with the skyla VB1 ?

The sample can be whole blood, serum or plasma.

Q6 : How much blood sample is required for a test ?

200μL for a test. A fixed volume 200ul pipette is included in the package.

Q7 : What are the electrical power requirements to operate the analyzer ?

The device can operate with 100~240Volt, 47~63Hz AC power thru the external power adaptor bundled with the analyzer.

Q8 : Is surge protection or an uninterruptible power supply required for the skyla VB1 ?

We recommend to install an UPS or surge protector for the VB1 to avoid damage to the device, and to ensure the accuracy of test results.

Q9: If I didn’t input the animal category or age, will the result be correct ?

The result will still be correct as it is, but the reference ranges listed may not be suitable.